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    iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4G, 4S, 5G, 5S, 5C or iTouch 1gen, 2gen, 3gen, 4gen or iPad all generations including iPad Mini with cracked, broken , bleeding or otherwise damaged Digitizer, Glass, Touch Screen or LCD Screen. Others like headphone jack or battery.

    We can repair it!  

    We have brand new Digitizer, Glass and LCD screens in stock!

    Digitizer, Glass, LCD screen and Other Repairs can be done while you wait (45 minutes service)

    Call 647-700-6688 for more details, and click here for store location and directions.


    We can repair most common and rare problems:


    - Digitizer, Touch Screen, Glass Replacement

    - LCD Screen Replacement

    - Power Button Replacement

    - Battery Replacement

    - Earpiece Replacement

    - Home Button Replacement

    - Charging Or Sync Or USB Port Replacement

    - Loud Speaker Replacement

    - Vibration Button Or Mute Button Replacement

    - Volume Button Replacement

    - Power Button Replacement

    - Headphone jack Replacement

    - Mic Replacement

    - Proximity Sensor Replacement

    - Full Housing or Backcover Replacement

    - Metal Or Silver Bezel Replacement

    - No Power Repair

    25 minutes repair service!



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Fast Service and Low Price Repairs, 45 mins or less for the Repairs!!!

Our store is conveniently accessible in Scarborough Toronto,
5 minutes from the Highway 404 (Steeles Ave. Exit) [click here for map]
Free Street Level Parking in front of the Mall.